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We never appreciate the value of insurance, until it is time to claim. Here at JFS, we know how important it is to consider the right protection options to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of through life’s ups and downs.

Life Insurance/Critical Illness Cover

Taking out a mortgage is a big commitment. For many of us, this is the most we will ever borrow in our lives. So it’s important to have insurance in place to cover you and your family if the worst should happen.

Life insurance is the most common type of cover taken out. This type of cover pays out a lump sum in the event of a claim and helps to provide financial security for people who depend on you, should you die. This would help them to clear a mortgage or assist them with regular expenditure.

Critical illness cover works in a similar way to life insurance, also paying out a lump sum in the event of a claim. Except you can claim in the event of being diagnosed with a serious illness or disability.

It is possible to have each of these policies, individually, without the other, but they are typically arranged together in one policy to cover either eventuality.

Here at Jefferson Financial Services, our advisors will discuss and assess your circumstances in order to arrange a level of cover that’s suitable for you and your budget.

Income Protection

We often think about insuring our assets but not insuring our income. But what happens if you’re unable to work due to illness or disability?

Formerly known as permanent health insurance, income protection is an insurance policy that pays out a percentage of your salary (usually around 50%), if you’re unable to work because of injury or illness, so that you can continue to pay your mortgage and your bills.

Income protection differs from critical illness cover in that, income protection insurance usually pays a monthly tax free amount until retirement, death or your return to work. Many people in this situation find themselves dependent on state benefits, which often fall short of paying the bills. If you become ill or suffer an injury during your working life, an income protection policy can help protect against any possible loss of income, and speed your return to work.

Jefferson Finanacial Services can ensure that you receive the level of cover tailored to your needs. With cover arranged by JFS, you can enjoy life, happy in the knowledge that if you can’t work through illness or injury, you’ll be taken care of.

Home Insurance

In times when money may be short, it is all too easy to contemplate cutting back wherever possible, but one accident or act of god could cost you everything. Having home insurance means you won’t be out of pocket if you need to repair your home or replace your belongings after they’ve been stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Home insurance is a type of insurance designed to financially protect your home and belongings and typically comes in two types:

  • Buildings insurance.
  • Contents insurance.

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property. This includes the walls, windows and roof as well as permanent fixtures and fittings such as baths, toilets and fitted kitchens. As a general rule, buildings insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your house from the ground up.

Contents insurance on the other hand, covers the cost of replacing your belongings in your home if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen. Generally, your ‘contents’ are defined as the items that you would take with if you moved home.

Whether you need buildings insurance, contents insurance or a comprehensive building and contents policy, Jefferson Financial Services compare multiple insurers to find the right level of cover for you. And if your needs are a little out of the ordinary, JFS can usually find a great rate where other companies would struggle to even quote.

Unlimited Possibilities

With access to exclusive broker only offers from multiple insurers, we can find you the best deal.


Unsurpassed Assistance

You’ll have a single point of contact when arranging your insurance, from start to finish.

Undeniable dedication

We’re available 7 days a week and we’re always on hand if you need advice.

Unlimited Possibilities

With access to exclusive broker only offers from 100’s of insurers, we can guarantee you the best deal.


Unsurpassed Assistance

You’ll have a single point of contact when arranging your insurance, from start to finish.

Undeniable Dedication

We’re available 7 days a week and we’re always on hand if you need advice.

Family Income Benefit

Although family benefit policies aren’t the most popular or widely known insurance product on the market, they can be a good way of obtaining cheap life insurance and a sensible choice for young families. An often overlooked type of cover is family income benefit. Family income benefit is a product that covers you in the event of passing away, but unlike life insurance, a monthly installment is paid out instead of a lump sum payment.

Family income benefit can provide a replacement for the salary you were bringing in, giving your family financial security until the policy expires. When you take out a family income benefit policy, you calculate how much income your family would need each month in order to be financially stable and stipulate what time period you would like the policy to cover. The insurer will work out what monthly premium you would need to pay in order to secure that cover. Then, should you pass away, your loved ones would receive a monthly tax free amount until the end of the term of the policy.

If you’d like more information about family income benefit, or any other insurance, contact Jefferson Financial Services. We can help you find the perfect product to protect you, whatever your needs.

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